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Our Executive Director is Marcia Kaufmann. She is a trained classical violinist and a long-term arts administrator with a passion for Iris Orchestra. She would be delighted to discuss ways to structure your gift so that it is helpful to Iris, while being meaningful and personal to you. Marcia can be reached at the Iris Orchestra office at (901) 746-9948. Correspondence and gifts should be forwarded to her attention at: Iris Orchestra 1922 Exeter Rd. Suite 18 Germantown, TN 38138.

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Iris Orchestra Is Not Complete Without You

Yes, Iris Orchestra is our musicians, guest artists, and conductor, but Iris would not exist without our Circle of Supporters.

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Ticket sales only cover 20% of the cost of bringing exceptional music to the stage, even with sold-out concerts.

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Our supporters are the essential link that makes Iris possible. Our donors, great and small, are in the audience all around you. Join this generous Circle of Supporters by making a gift today.


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