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From the beginning, IRIS has set out to demonstrate that classical music is not a fixed canon, but a vital art form that is constantly acquiring new works and new energy. IRIS contributes to that vitality by commissioning new works from both established and emerging composers. Artistic Director Michael Stern considers the commissioning process to be an obligation to the future of music. “Many treasured masterpieces that we now consider staples of the repertoire would not exist if not for the nurturing encouragement and support of individual patrons, performers, and musical organizations. From Haydn and Beethoven to Stravinsky and Bartok, an investment in the inspired creativity of great composers has enriched our artistic legacy beyond measure.”Since its first year, IRIS has included American music from the 20th and 21st centuries in its programs, pieces whose range reflects the diversity that continues to animate and fuel the American spirit. Says Artistic Director Michael Stern, “I think it is necessary to be connected to the music of our time, no matter how good we might be as caretakers of the music of the past. It makes us better musicians, and better interpreters of the classics. One of our cherished and sacred obligations as musicians is to continue to probe the works of the great masters of the past, and keep the genius of their creative achievement alive and present. But the voices of contemporary composers should be no less relevant to us, and continue to shape our understanding of the world.”