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Iris Orchestra is passionate about passing on a legacy and love of music. By providing focused music outreach and engagement outside of the concert hall in classrooms and throughout the community, Iris uses music as a resource to foster empowerment in youth. By exposing students to new music, raising the understanding of music, and applying music in relatable methods, young minds expand and new opportunities to further explore music both individually and within the community begin.

Working in the schools… Iris’ Community Involvement & Outreach Coordinators team up with each partner school to develop an engagement plan that best serves the individual students and programs at the different schools. With a focus on education, mentorship, and inspiration, Iris musicians encourage students to broaden their perspectives, strive for excellence in themselves, and find their own voice.

Curriculum… Iris Orchestra provides College and Career Ready Standards-aligned curriculum based around music from each of its concerts. Teachers can choose from several lessons ranging from exploration of incidental music to study of neoclassicism. Adjustable to accommodate sixth through twelfth grade, the curriculum can be adapted to fit any middle or high school orchestra class.

Here’s what some students are saying about Iris Orchestra’s school engagement programs:
“You guys play wonderfully and make me want to continue playing in college. Come again soon!!!”
–a junior from Cordova High School

“They were very helpful and showed me new ways to practice. Lately I have been slacking and haven’t been really trying to improve my skills. Now I surely will be trying again.”
–a senior from Kingsbury High School

“This was a wonderful experience.”
–a sophomore from Overton High School

“Please come back to visit or mentor us!”
–a sophomore from Soulsville Charter School