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Celebrating the Past: Creating a Future

Co-hosts IRIS Orchestra and Clayborn Temple announce “Celebrating the Past: Creating a Future”c3strings-approved-logo

WHAT: an intergenerational, community-building Family Concert celebrating the music and memories of the Civil Rights Movement*

WHEN: February 18, 2017 2:00PM

WHERE: Clayborn Temple, 294 Hernando St, Memphis, TN 38126

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Participants include IRIS Orchestra’s IRIS Artist Fellows C3Strings (Mariama Alcantara, Ashley Vines, Ajibola Rivers), the school orchestras from Overton and Kingsbury High Schools, and community partners Art for Life’s Sake, and Carpenter Art Garden. Speakers will include Dr. Hattie Isen, president of Art for Life’s Sake.

Narration will weave together musical performances and oral histories by early civil rights movement participants with full-house Freedom Song sing-along to create an evening of remembering and celebrating who we are and who we hope to become as a community. Please make plans to join us there!

IRIS Orchestra Family Concerts are interactive performances designed to engage community members of all ages, combining inspiring music with the chance to explore. Clayborn Temple, a hub of discourse clayborn temple image2and action in the Memphis Civil Rights Movement, is renovating its facility and renewing its mission to serve a new generation of Memphians.clayborn temple image3*This event is free to the public.