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As we close the first month of what has been a beautiful new year, IAF chose to have a benefit concert that some of our tenured subscirbers were able to enjoy.  We were able to get a few wonderful pictures of our fellows like this one above. After we were able to treat our loyal listeners to an array of drink sand snacks! Needless to say events like these are a blast for staff and our audiences. We look forward to hosting more of these projects entering into a new month!

Hello October!

As September came to a close last week, the IRIS community initiatives group wants to recap on some of our highlights throughout the month!

We had the honor of playing for some of Edge Plaza’s Listeners to kickoff the month of September, in which we continued our Medical District Collaborative Concert Series


In between some of our concert series through last month we had visits to the Memphis Oral School for the Deaf, which we covered in last week’s blog.

Finally, to cap off the wonderful month of September, our trio attended the Morton Museum of Collierville’s International Spotlight event in which they were able to help entertain a wonderful crowd alongside many other cultural groups. While last month was certainly one full of musical fun to remember for our musicians and audiences, we look forward to our many events to come and a maybe even a few spooky scherzi!


This week in the music integration endeavors IRIS’ Community Initiatives group works so hard to support we had the pleasure of visiting the Memphis Oral School for the Deaf (MOSD)! Our trio of newly inducted fellows along with Marcin Arendt were given the chance to entertain and interact with a class of students and the results speak for themselves.

From Marcin dancing alongside what appears to be a musical prodigy to be reckoned with,



To our Community Initiatives Director, Rebecca Arendt, leading a riveting round of Ole McDonald,



Back to our young Mozart showing his dazzling dance moves!



Safe to say both IRIS and MOSD had a great time this week and look forward to our meeting in the near future!

Meet the Fellows!

9/17- 9/23/2017: Meet the Fellows! Following last week’s successful ticket event, we at IRIS wish to formally introduce our new trio to be this year’s fellows. On this post we will give all followers of IRIS an up close glance at who our fellows really are!

Marcos Santos

  • Violinist
  • Loves banana pudding and looks to search the city to find the best recipe
  • Violin Performance at University of Alabama
  • Born and raised in Bauru, Brazil
  • Attended a music conservatory in Tatui (a 3 hour drive from Bauru)
  • Became a musician at age 6 with the trumpet (used braces as an excuse to quit)
  • At the age of 14 decided to pick of the violin after an inspiring performance of “Gabriel’s Oboe”
  • Went on to study in the US at Southern Mississippi
  • Traveled to New York, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Michigan, New Mexico, and South Carolina

Dara Hankins

  • Cellist
  • Has worked as a freelance musician and private music coach
  • From Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Played piano at the age of 7 but fell in love with the cello just 3 years later
  • Went to The Governor’s School for the Arts in addition to her regular high school load
  • Attended The New England Conservatory of Music and continued her graduate studies at the Manhattan School of Music
  • In regards to her move to Memphis, Hankins mentions “I have been relying on public transportation for so long that owning a car may be the hardest change. I grew up in Chesapeake and spent summers in Baton Rouge with my mom’s family. I am happy to be in the south again while pursuing my passion.”

Eugenio Figueroa

  • Violist
  • Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Studied Viola Performance and the Suzuki Method
  • Learned piano from his older sister growing up which helped feed his hunger for music
  • Attended an arts based middle school where he first played and disliked the viola until later high school years
  • Had to decide between studying physics for meteorology or studying to become a musician (Clearly he picked the best choice!)

We’re Making a Blog!

Welcome to the IRIS Community Blog! Check here every Sunday afternoon for weekly news, photos, and fun facts about IRIS Orchestra in the community. From our IRIS Artist Fellows program to our IRIS Family Concerts, this blog will be your one way stop for all things outreach! Come back next week for our first official post. For now, enjoy this photo of our very own maestro, Michael Stern, training as an amateur ballerina at Beale Street.