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American Composers

Since its first year, Iris has included American music from the 20th and 21st centuries in its programs, pieces whose range reflects the diversity that continues to animate and fuel the American spirit. Says Artistic Director Michael Stern, “I think it is necessary to be connected to the music of our time, no matter how good we might be as caretakers of the music of the past. It makes us better musicians, and better interpreters of the classics. One of our cherished and sacred obligations as musicians is to continue to probe the works of the great masters of the past, and keep the genius of their creative achievement alive and present. But the voices of contemporary composers should be no less relevant to us, and continue to shape our understanding of the world.”
“With Michael Stern’s approach to shaping the music and letting it live rather than trying to control it, with his ease and understanding of the delicate relationship between a music director and an orchestra, and with the expertise and good nature of the musicians, the technical challenges seem to disappear.”
-Iris Musician

Adams, John

The Chairman Dances:
Foxtrot for Orchestra

Adolphe, Bruce

I Will Not Remain Silent, A Concerto for Violin and Orchestra,World Premiere
Date: 01/24/15


Antheil, George

A Jazz Symphony
Date: 10/11/03

Baker, Josephine

J’ai deux amours & La Conga blicoti
Date: 03/10/18

Barber, Samuel

Adagio for Strings
Date: 02/02/02 & 03/07/20

Barber, Samuel

Capricorn Concerto
Date: 12/06/02

Barber, Samuel

Concerto for Violin
Date: 02/02/02

Barber, Samuel

Dover Beach
Date: 03/24/02

Barber, Samuel

Knoxville, Summer 1915
Date: 12/02/02 & 03/10/18

Barber, Samuel

Medea, Op. 23, Suite
Date: 02/21/02

Barber, Samuel

Souvenirs, op. 28
Date: 03/03/03 & 12/02/18

Beaser, Robert

Folk Songs for String Orchestra, Harp and Timpani
Date: 12/04/10

Bernstein, Leonard

Serenade after Plato’s Symposium
Date: 03/20/10

Bernstein, Leonard

Serenade for violin and orchestra
Date: 10/13/18

Bernstein, Leonard

Fancy Free
Date: 03/10/18

Bloch, Ernest

Concert Grosso No. 1
Date: 12/02/17

Brubeck, Chris

Travels in Time for Three
Date: 01/21/11

Carter, Elliott

Symphony No. 1 (1942)
Date: 01/23/16

Coltrane, John

Date: 03/28/21

Copland, Aaron

Quiet City
Date: 01/19/02

Copland, Aaron

Suite from Appalachian Spring
Date: 10/21/00, 02/26/11 & 03/07/20

Copland, Aaron

Concerto for Clarinet
Date: 03/05/06

Copland, Aaron

Fanfare for the Common Man
Date: 09/09/00

Copland, Aaron

Music for the Theater
Date: 05/08/04 & 02/10/18

Corigliano, John

Snapshot: Circa 1901 (2011)
Date: 02/16/19

Corigliano, John

Symphony No. 2
Date: 02/27/10

Cowell, Henry

Symphony No. 10
Date: 03/16/19

Danielpour, Richard

First Light
Date: 10/05/02

Diamond, David

Romeo and Juliet Suite
Date: 01/26/08

Fesjian, Cara

Concerto for the Upside “In gratitude of the life and friendship of Peter Formanek”

world premiere – Iris commission

Date: 04/05/22

Fine, Marshall

Tango in Time of War
Date: 01/25/03

Foss, Lukas

Capriccio for cello and orchestra
Date: 09/19/00

Gandolphi, Michael

Themes form a Midsummer Night
Date: 02/26/11

Gershwin, George

Excerpts from the Songbook
Date: 10/08/05

Gershwin, George

Rhapsody in Blue, arr. Dokschutzer, for Trumpet and Orchestra
Date: 01/24/04

Gershwin, George

Date: 03/10/18

Glass, Philip

A Jazz Concerto-Fantasy for two timpani and orchestra
Date: 03/02/02

Hanson, Howard

Symphony No. 2, “Romantic”

Date: 03/10/18

Harberg, Amanda

Suite for Wind Quintet
Date: 03/28/21

Harbison, John

The Most Often Used Chords

Harrison, Lou

Concerto for Pipa and Strings
Date: 12/14/02

Hartke, Stephen

Brandenburg Autumn
Date: 11/10/07

Hartke, Stephen

Pacific Rim
Date: 03/02/02

Hedges, John

American Suite
Date: 12/16/06

Hedges, John

Date: 12/16/06

Hovhaness, Alan

Symphony No. 49, Christmas Symphony

Ives, Charles

The Unanswered Question
Date: 11/13/04

Ives, Charles

Ragtime Dances
Date: 10/11/03

Ives, Charles

Symphony No. 3, Camp Meeting
Date: 10/13/01

Ives, Charles

Variations on “America” orch. Wm. Schuman
Date: 05/02/09

Kernis, Aaron Jay

Too Hot Toccata
Date: 03/07/20

Kernis, Aaron Jay

Musica Celestis
Date: 02/12/05

Leshnoff, Jonathan

Rush — world premiere
Date: 03/29/08

Lieberson, Peter

“Neruda Songs” (excerpts)
Date: 05/02/09

Meyer, Edgar

Concerto for Bass and Orchestra
Date: 03/31/01

Meyer, Jessica

“Getting Home…I must be” for violin and loop pedal
Date: 03/28/21

Montgomery, Jessie

Date: 02/20/21

Norman, Andrew

Gran Turismo
Date: 10/14/18

Riley, Terry

Half-Wolf Dances Mad in Moonlight
Date: 12/14/02

Rouse, Christopher

Date: 10/13/18

Rouse, Christopher

Karolju for Chorus and Orchestra
Date: 12/02/18

Rorem, Ned

Double Concerto and Violin and Cello
Date: 04/03/04

Scheer, Gene

Voices from World War II (orch. by Julie Gunn and Lee Musiker)
Date: 03/24/06

Schober, David

Split Horizons, Concerto for sextet and orchestra
Date: 02/05/05

Still, William Grant

Darker America
Date: 10/21/17

Still, William Grant

Danzas de Panama
Date: 10/11/20

Tao, Conrad

“Spoonfuls” & “All I had forgotten or tried to”
Date: 01/25-26/20

Thompson, Virgil

The River
Date: 02/04/17

Udow, Michael

“Shake” and “Strike” from Four Movements for Percussion Quartet
Date: 03/05/05

Walker, George

Lyric for Strings
Date: 10/11/20

Williams, John

Escapades for Saxophone and Orchestra
Date: 03/02/09